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Finding your perfect job can be difficult.

​You have tried job searching on your own.

​Hours have been spent searching and applying only to hear nothing back.

It can feel like there are a million things working against you.

At this point, you are convinced that it is impossible to get hired.

It is time to bring in a professional to get the job done.

I am here to teach you how to get hired in your career field by using my recruiting insider secrets.

Think of it this way...
If you were pitching a million-dollar account, you would do everything possible to land that account, right?

You would probably hire a branding expert, a speech coach, an accountant to review numbers, etc.

Well, as a job seeker, you are trying to land that big account (job). You are pitching to an employer to spend a lot of money on purchasing your product... YOU!

You deserve every chance to land that dream job.


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The statistics speak for themselves. Pounding Pavement 101 is scientifically proven to get job seekers hired six times faster than searching on their own.

Pounding Pavement 101 job seekers find employment in an average of 44 days.

The average time it took job seekers to find employment without Pounding Pavement 101 is 255 days.

Pounding Pavement 101 saves an average of 211 days of job searching - over 6.9 months job seekers can be earning a paycheck if they used the program.

The numbers demonstrate the effectiveness of the Pounding Pavement methodology for job seekers.

When you're hunting for employment, it's much more difficult to job search on your own because you're just guessing at how to find a job.

Why put your career and financial stability on chance?


Listen To Smart People Who Rapidly Landed Their Dream Jobs Using The Inside Secrets From a Recruiter in Pounding Pavement 101

"I was looking for something new and looking for a different career. I just had not had luck doing it on my own. So I knew I needed help.

I really do feel like the Pounding Pavement 101 program really made a difference for me.

I had four resume writers and I had spent thousands of dollars with no results. But that's just really the wrong way and the wrong approach. And obviously, it wasn't working.

I can't say enough good things about Ilene and Pounding Pavement 101, it helped me get the job. There's no doubt about it."

Angela Pumford Sales Director

"I was offered outplacement services when I was laid off. They did their job, I suppose. Nothing I was doing on my own was working.

It was nothing like what Pounding Pavement 101 offers. It was like night and day. My resume now really shows who I am and what I can do.

Everything I was told by Ilene was actually how it played out. It was just amazing how it happened... boom, boom, boom. Listen to Ilene… She’s good!"

Sharon Wolf Report Analyst

"I was a bit unsure about this program at first, but I have been running in circles with the job search and interviewing
process for so long.

From day one of this program, Ilene provided me with the advice and guidance that I needed to write a phenomenal resume, clean up my LinkedIn profile, say the right things in an interview and search for jobs.

Within weeks, I was able to not only land an interview but also the job I always wanted."

Michael Chen Mechanical Engineer


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